Current Conference General Information

Forty-First Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, October 5th - 8th, 2017

Purposes: The annual conferences of the German Studies Association bring together over one thousand scholars in the areas of German history, literature, culture, and politics. Presentations range over the period between the Middle Ages and the present. Not only established scholars but also younger ones, including graduate students, are welcome.

Information for Presenters: All presenters need to email advance copies of their completed papers to the commentator, and a brief paragraph on their research to the moderator, by the first week of September. Please note that any commentator who does not receive a completed paper by this deadline is under no obligation to offer a response on that paper at the conference. You may also consider distributing your papers to all panel participants as a courtesy gesture. If your email address is changing this summer, please let your fellow panelists know.

Time: In two-hour panels, presenters are expected to limit their presentations to twenty minutes. Should four presenters be scheduled for a 105-minute panel, the time limit is fifteen minutes. Commentators should speak for no more than ten minutes. Moderators are urged to let speakers know when they have only a minute or two left and then to intervene if they exceed their allotted time.

Withdrawals: If for any reason you become unable to participate as planned, please contact Elizabeth Fulton at as soon as possible. We ask also that you inform your fellow session participants. Participants who withdraw after 1 July, for reasons other than family or medical emergency, will be excluded from conference participation for the next two years. Should a last-minute emergency prevent your attendance, please inform one of the above administrators as soon as possible after the conference. For more information, please see our Submission Guidelines.

Important for Foreign Participants: The Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 has imposed additional restrictions for nationals of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries. Any national of a VWP country who is also a national of Iraq, Iran, Sudan, or Syria, or who has traveled to any of these four countries since March 2011, is no longer eligible to travel under the VWP and must obtain a regular US visa. As of January 21st, 2016, the Electronic System for Travel Authorizations (ESTAs) of travelers who hold dual nationality with one of the above four countries will be revoked. Exceptions can be made in certain circumstances; please see the US State Department's website for more information.

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Conference Hotel: Sheraton Atlanta (for informational purposes; conference rate of $169.00 USD is only available after registration)