CfA: GSR Editor

Call for Applications, due July 15:

The German Studies Association is searching for an editor for its flagship journal, the German Studies Review, a leading journal of interdisciplinary German Studies. The new editor will succeed Prof. Sabine Hake, who will conclude her term on August 31, 2021, and will serve for a 5-year term, once renewable. The editor is chiefly responsible for the content of the GSR and, with help from the editorial board, will make final determinations about that content. The journal appears three times annually.  The editor will be based at their home institution, and, with the assistance of the GSA, will make necessary institutional arrangements to that end. Under present bylaws (subject to change), the editor is also a member of the GSA Board and Executive Council, and in all these capacities will be in a position significantly to influence the future course of German Studies. 

The search committee solicits applications, nominations (including self-nominations), and suggestions for this vitally important position. 


Job Description of the Editor:

The primary task of the GSR editor is to oversee the production of three journal issues per calendar year.  This includes

  1. Receiving, soliciting, and processing manuscripts, selecting reviewers, and sending out acceptance, rejection, or revision letters. 
  2. Guiding authors during the submission, revision, and publication process and coordinating the copy-editing and proof-reading stages.
  3. Maintaining the files, including supplemental materials, for all past and forthcoming issues.
  4. Putting together special issues and coordinating special sections (e.g., obituaries, forums, seminar reports)  
  5. Appointing an editorial board and communicating with its members about procedural and programmatic issues.
  6. Appointing the book review editor(s) and overseeing the book review section.  
  7. Establishing editorial policies and day-to-day procedures concerning the work of the editorial assistant. 
  8. Communicating with Johns Hopkins University Press on all matters related to the journal. 


The GSR editor, under current arrangements, also performs the following tasks:

  1. The GSR editor participates in the deliberations of the GSA Board and the GSA Executive Council. This may change in the future, pending Board discussion and membership vote on a bylaws-change.
  2. The GSR editor reports annually to the Board and Executive Director as well as the membership during the annual general meeting.


Institutional Support:

Just like past editors, the incoming editor will need to negotiate teaching and service release time with their home institution and arrange for additional support through an editorial assistant. Applicants and nominees wishing to be considered will need to supply a letter of institutional support as part of their application (see requirements).


Application Materials:

To be considered for this position, please submit the following materials to the chair of the search committee, Stephen Brockmann ( NO LATER THAN July 15, 2020:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Overview of previous editorships (journals, anthologies, book series), if applicable
  • Letter of institutional support from home institution



The committee will review applications and notify finalists by mid-August. Interviews with finalists will be conducted prior to the October meeting of the GSA Board, whose members vote on the appointment. We plan to extend an offer by the beginning of November with the expectation that an MOU between the incoming editor, their institution, and the GSA will be finalized by the end of the year, allowing the incoming editor to shadow the outgoing editor for the first half of 2021. The official start date for the new editor will be September 1, 2021.


Search Committee:

Stephen Brockmann, chair
Hester Baer
David Luebke
Johannes von Moltke, ex officio
David E. Barclay, ex officio