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Annual Individual Memberships by Income Range

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Lifetime Membership

US$ 2500.00

Annual Institutional Membership

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General Endowment

Support for the GSA’s annual conference, its daily operations, and its long-term stability
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Special Donation

Support for a Specific GSA Initiative
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Publications Fund

Support for the GSA's current and future publication efforts
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Conference Community Fund

Support for conference participants in financial and/or professionally precarious positions (awarded annually). This fund will become the only source of GSA travel grants in 2025.
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International Travel Fund

Support for non-North American conference participants (awarded annually). This account is funded through the 2024 conference, but that will deplete its holdings. The Conference Community Fund will become the sole account for travel awards in 2025.

Sybil Milton Prize Endowment

Funds the award for best book dealing with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust (awarded biannually)
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The Barclay Book Prize

Funds the award for best monograph on the social, cultural, economic, political, or labor history of nineteenth-century and twentieth-century Germany or central Europe (awarded annually)
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Radomír Luza Prize

Best Manuscript in Austrian/Czechoslovak Studies
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US$ 40.00

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