GSA By-Laws

I. The Association

The name of the Association shall be German Studies Association.

II. Purpose

The purpose of the German Studies Association shall be to promote the study of history, political science, language and literature, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, geography, economics, musicology, cultural studies, media studies, art and architectural history, and all other learned pursuits relating to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other German-speaking regions. The Association particularly encourages inter-disciplinarity and seeks to foster dialogue among disciplines.

To this end, the Association shall hold conferences, sessions, publish newsletters and/or journals, disseminate information, award prizes for distinguished contributions to German studies, support or sponsor fellowships and scholarships, and carry on any other activities which relate to and promote its purpose.

English and German may be used equally for all activities of the Association.

III. Membership

Membership shall have no restrictions based on race, creed, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, disability, age, national origin, or place of residence. Membership shall be open to persons who subscribe to the purpose of the Association (section II) and pay annual membership dues.

Categories of Membership: