radomír luža prize

Radomír Luža Prize for the Best Manuscript in Austrian/Czechoslovak Studies in the World War II Era


The Radomír Luža Prize for an outstanding work in the field of Austrian and/or Czechoslovak World War II studies is named after the distinguished historian Radomír Luža, who was professor for European and German history at Tulane University, New Orleans, for more than 25 years. He published the first academic studies about Nazi persecution and resistance in Austria: “Austro-German Relations in the Anschluss Era” (1975) and “The resistance in Austria, 1938-1945” (1984).

The prize has been awarded since 2012 by the American Friends of the Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance and Center Austria: The Austrian Marshall Plan Center for European Studies of the University of New Orleans and bestowed since 2020 by the German Studies Association (GSA). It seeks to encourage research in the above-mentioned fields focusing on the time period of the 1930s and 1940s and carries a cash award of $1,000 financed by the Zukunftsfonds der Republik Österreich.