berlin program selection committee

The Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies offers up to one year of research support at the Freie Universität Berlin and is open to scholars in all social science and humanities disciplines, including historians working on the period since the mid-18th century.

Members of the American selection committee for Berlin Program Fellowships are appointed by the President in accordance with the goal of maintaining a disciplinary balance on the committee. Two committee members are appointed each year for three-year terms.

Committee members:

  • Jennifer Evans (Carleton University) (2022–2024)
  • Elizabeth (Libby) Otto (SUNY Buffalo) (2022–2024)
  • Vance Byrd (University of Pennsylvania) (2023–2025)
  • Christine Lemke (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Leibniz Universität Hannover) (2023–2025)
  • Deniz Göktürk (University of California Berkeley) (2024–2026)
  • Paul Lerner (University of Southern California) (2024–2026)