12 GSA Conference Seminars Ready for Enrollment (Deadline: Feb. 1)

We are excited to announce a pilot project adding twelve seminars to the program structure of the GSA Conference in Denver 2013. Seminars meet for all three days of the conference during the first morning slot to foster extended discussion, rigorous intellectual exchange, and intensified networking. They are led by 2 to 3 organizers and will consist of 15 to 20 participants, at least some of whom should be graduate students. In order to reach the goal of extended discussion, seminar organizers and participants are expected to participate in all three installments of the seminar.

The following seminars have been selected for the pilot program. Download extended descriptions and participation requirements

Seminar 1: Global History, Literature, and Culture from a German Base

Seminar 2: Transnationalisms: Sexualities, Fantasies, and the World Beyond

Seminar 3: What Was Politics in "1968"?

Seminar 4: Why We Read (German) Fiction - And How: Cognitive Studies and German Studies

Seminar 5: Germany or Europe? The European Union and the German Question

Seminar 6: The Challenge of Ethnography in German Studies

Seminar 7: Revisiting the Study of Emotions in German Studies

Seminar 8: Not So Quiet on the Eastern Front: New Directions in WWI Studies

Seminar 9: Narration

Seminar 10: For a New Enlightenment

Seminar 11: Rethinking Modernism after Cultural Studies

Seminar 12: Recycling Romanticism

If you wish to participate in a seminar, please complete and email the application form to the members of the GSA Seminar Work Group listed below. Participation in a seminar involves intellectual work akin to preparing a paper and will thus count as such. All seminar participants will be listed by name in the program. If you are accepted to be an active participant in a seminar, you may not give a paper in panel sessions. However, you may moderate or comment on a panel. Some individuals may choose to be an auditor to a seminar. Sign ups for auditors will take place after the entire GSA program is set. Seminar auditors may give a paper in regular sessions. 

Applications are due by February 1, 2013. We will inform applicants by February 5, 2013, whether they have been accepted or not. Please do not send your applications directly to the organizers of the individual seminars, but to one of the members of the Seminar Work Group listed below.

The GSA Seminar Work Group

Suzanne Marchand, President of the GSA (Louisiana State University)

Irene Kacandes, Vice President of the GSA (Dartmouth College) 

Lutz Koepnick, Former Executive Board Member and Member of Conference Task Force (Washington University in St. Louis)