Conference Program Now Available for Denver 2013

The tentative program of the 37th Annual Conference of the German Studies Association has now been prepared. The conference will take place October 3-6, 2013, at the Denver Marriott Tech Center in Denver, Colorado.

We have uploaded four files:

The TENTATIVE program will be posted on the GSA website until 1 June, at which point it will be taken down as we edit the final program for printing and distribution to the membership. In reviewing the TENTATIVE program, please note the following points:

  1. The program is TENTATIVE. We reserve the right to make changes in the final program.
  2. We have tried to make every effort to accommodate reasonable special requests. However, please bear in mind that organizing an event of this nature is extremely complex. We make every effort to avoid thematic overlaps and to avoid inadvertent “double-bookings,” but this is not always possible in this first draft of the program. Please contact should you have questions or concerns.
  3. Please note that our software doesn’t take account of italics and diacritical marks, including umlauts. We are quite aware of this, and all will be corrected in the final program. There is no need for you to write to us about these matters. Please note too that, despite our request, many English-language titles were not submitted according to the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style. We are correcting those titles for reasons of editorial consistency, and we are also using American spelling in English-language titles.
  4. Should you encounter any matters that need to be changed, please let us know BY 31 MAY. We CANNOT make any changes after that date. Please write to our Help Desk ( with a copy to me (
  5. Your name and your institutional affiliation are shown exactly as they appear in your membership profile. If you wish to change them, please do so by going to your profile and changing them there. Then please inform us of these changes by writing to
  6. Should you encounter technical problems, please do NOT write directly to me. I’m not a tech person, and cannot help you with technical matters. Please write directly to Mr. Charles Fulton at the GSA Help Desk ( or to Ms. Alta Anthony ( at Johns Hopkins University Press.
  7. Please note that, for programming reasons, the twelve experimental seminars are not listed in numerical order in the actual program. Thus, for example, Seminar 10 is posted as Session 1. A separate list of the seminars and participants is included here and will also be included in the final printed program.
  8. The printed program will be distributed to all dues-paying members during the summer, as usual.

The GSA program is the result of the tireless efforts of many people. They include our extraordinary webmaster, Terry Pochert, our outstanding 2013 Program Director, Jason Coy, our superb tech support director, Charles Fulton, and all the members of the 2013 Program Committee: Dolores Augustine, Ray Canoy, Carol Hager, Sara Hall, Todd Heidt, Marc Lerner, Maria Makela, Michael Meng, and Heather Morrison. Special thanks as well to Irene Kacandes, Lutz Koepnick, and Suzanne Marchand for their exceptional work with our experimental seminars.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Denver!