GSA Conference Survey and Election Results

Please note: the survey will close July 3, 2020, 5pm EDT. 

Dear GSA Members,

As promised in our Spring Newsletter, we write to you today in the wake of a special GSA Executive Board meeting: on June 15th, Board members convened on Zoom to discuss various options for our conference in the fall, originally scheduled for October 1-4 in Washington, DC. We realize that many of you are anxious to hear whether, and in what form, that conference will take place. While we are still in discussions with the hotel and with providers of online conferences, we can assure you that we have every intention of holding our conference, even if the exact format is yet to be finalized. For this purpose, we are also seeking your input by way of this brief six-question survey, which we would ask you to complete by the end of June. In return, we plan to provide you with further details of our fall conference planning by the middle of July.

Please contact Dr. Benita Blessing ( if you have any questions about the survey. The survey will also be sent to members' email addresses and made available through social media.

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce the results of our election. We are delighted to announce Dr. Sara Hall and Dr. David Imhoof as our incoming Vice-President and Secretary. Dr. Hall will take office in January 2021; Dr. Imhoof has take