GSA Preliminary Schedule, 45th Annual Conference

Dear Friends and Colleagues of the GSA:

Here is a *preliminary schedule with the times*, and names of panels/seminars/roundtables and the names of the participants. Please check it carefully and let us know of corrections on this *change form* by August 10. The final program is due shortly thereafter and we will be unable to make changes to the printed program after that point.

As you check this, we ask that you note the following:

  • All session times are parallel. That is to say, there are virtual AND in-person sessions in each time slot because some attendees in Indianapolis are also participating in virtual sessions.
    • All session times are Eastern Daylight Time. You can check what time it will be for you during the conference using a time zone converter such as this one: *Time and Date*
  • We have done our best to comfortably accommodate presenters in as many time zones as possible. It is not possible to avoid all late nights or early mornings. This may also mean that the order of some panel series has changed; this was unavoidable and we will renumber the panels to reflect their new order.
  • If you made a scheduling request because of religious or family obligations and it is not reflected in the preliminary program please let us know on the change form.
  • If you have changed affiliations and/or email addresses from the ones we have on file, please let us know and make the correction on your GSA account (this last item is not something we can do) under “*member services*.”
  • *Register* soon! 

Please check the “*current conference*” webpage for regularly updated information.