Seminar Applications Open January 5th, 2017

The 41st GSA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia (October 5 - 8, 2017) will again host a series of seminars in addition to its regular conference sessions and roundtables.

Seminars meet for all three days of the conference during the first morning slot to foster extended discussion, rigorous intellectual exchange, and intensified networking. They are led by 2 to 4 conveners and will consist of either 12 to 15 or 16 to 20 participants, at least some of whom should be graduate students. In order to reach the goal of extended discussion, seminar organizers and participants are expected to participate in all three installments of the seminar.

The following seminars have been selected and approved for enrollment at the 2017 GSA Conference:

  1. Affect and Cognition in Holocaust Culture
  2. Ansichtssache: Deutschsprachige Graphic Novels an der Schnittstelle von Visual Culture Studies und Gendertheorien
  3. Asian-German Studies ' New Approaches
  4. Benjamin's Pedagogy
  5. Communism as Faith
  6. Critical 19th-Century Visual Cultural Studies
  7. Digital Humanities: Concept, Collaboration, and Process
  8. Documentary Fiction and the Terms of Engagement
  9. Events and Routines
  10. Feminist Scholar-Activism and the Politics of Affect
  11. German Life Writing
  12. Jews and Politics in the Post-War Germanies
  13. Not Enough Notes: Exploring the Intersections of Music, History, and Cultural Studies
  14. Phenomenology to the Letter: Husserl and Literature
  15. Philosophy in Literature, Literature as Philosophy
  16. Photographs in German Cinema
  17. (Post)Migrant Theater: Now and Then
  18. Reading the Human Soul: A History of Technologies
  19. Religious Revivals in 19th and 20th Century Germany
  20. Rethinking Jewishness in Weimar Cinema
  21. Sights and Sounds: Mediating the Senses in German-Speaking Europe
  22. Stranger Things ' Constructing Difference in German Culture
  23. Strategies for Strengthening Small Undergraduate German Programs
  24. Technologie: Readings in a Neglected Discipline
  25. The Demos and the Market: Economic Populism and Popular Economism as Past and Future
  26. The Future of the Past: New Approaches to Germanic Studies before 1750
  27. The Swiss Reformation and Its Heritage
  28. The Tragic Today
  29. Transnational Aesthetic Trends in Cultural Criticism of the German Democratic Republic
  30. Women on Men: Female Filmmakers Look Back

For detailed descriptions and the names and email addresses of the conveners, please see the seminar listing at

If you wish to participate in a seminar, please visit the GSA website and apply electronically at: The login information for this site is your GSA website username and password.

Participation in a seminar involves intellectual work akin to preparing a paper and will thus count as such. All seminar participants will be listed by name in the program. If you are accepted to be an active participant in a seminar, you are not allowed to give a paper in panel sessions, nor may you withdraw from a seminar in order to present a paper instead. However, you may moderate or comment on a panel or participate in a roundtable.

You may choose to be a silent auditor in a seminar. Slots for auditors are limited; the enrollment process for interested auditors will only take place after the entire GSA program is set.

Applications for enrollment are due by January 26, 2017. The conveners of the seminars will make their determination of the membership of their seminars by February 2, 2017. The GSA Seminar Program Committee will inform applicants by February 5, 2017 whether they have been accepted or not.

Please direct all inquiries to the conveners of your seminar.

The GSA Seminar Program Committee:

Heikki Lempa (Moravian College)

Carrie Smith-Prei (University of Alberta)

Maria Mitchell (Franklin & Marshall College)