Tentative Conference Program Now Online

The tentative program of the 2015 GSA Conference has now been posted at https://www.thegsa.org/conference/documents/GSA_program_15.pdf. This first draft will remain online until 1 June, at which point it will be taken down as we edit the final program for printing and distribution to the membership. In reviewing it, please note the following points:

  1. The program is TENTATIVE. We reserve the right to make changes in the final program.

  2. We have tried to make every effort to accommodate reasonable special requests. However, please bear in mind that organizing an event of this nature is extremely complex, and we occasionally encounter difficulties. Please contact helpdesk@thegsa.org should you have questions or concerns.

  3. Should you encounter any matters that need to be changed, please inform us at helpdesk@thegsa.org'BY 31 MAY. We CANNOT make any changes after that date.

  4. Your name and your institutional affiliation are shown exactly as they appear in your membership profile. If you wish to change them, please do so by going to your profile and changing them there. Then please inform us of these changes by writing to helpdesk@thegsa.org, so that we can ensure they have been incorporated into the final program.

  5. Should you encounter technical problems, please write to Ms. Elizabeth Fulton at the GSA Help Desk (helpdesk@thegsa.org). Please do not write to the Executive Director.

  6. The printed program will be distributed to all dues-paying members between July and August. Please be sure that your address in JHUP's database is accurate, or you won't receive your program.

The GSA program is the result of the tireless efforts of many people. They include our extraordinary webmaster, Terry Pochert, our outstanding 2015 Program Director, Margaret Menninger, our superb operations director, Elizabeth Fulton, and all the members of the 2015 Program Committee:'Sara Poor,'Anthony J. Steinhoff,'Scott Moranda,'Heather Perry,'Christina Gerhardt,'Christian Rogowski,'Robert Mark Spaulding,'Deborah Ascher Barnstone, and'David Imhoof. Thanks are also due to our seminar committee: Elisabeth Herrmann, Katja Garloff, and Heikki Lempa.