“Visualizing Translation,” Exhibit Vernissage

THURSDAY, 6:30PM | Ballroom of the Americas A | EXHIBIT VERNISSAGE: 

“Visualizing Translation: Homeland and Heimat in Detroit and Dortmund.” 

This show explores the resonances between two cities in former industrial heartlands in Germany and the US, asking us to move our gaze beyond facile comparisons and ruin aesthetics. “Visualizing Translation” brings together the work of visual artists Theon Delgado Sr. and Peyman Azhari to create a meaningful connection between the two cities these photographers call home. By translating the heterogeneity and multilinguality of their neighborhoods into visual form, Delgado and Azhari’s work forges a positive counterpoint to more prevalent images of architectural ruins or economic decline in Detroit and Dortmund. Professor Kristin Dickinson, who curated the exhibit at the University of Michigan, will formally open the show at a brief vernissage immediately following the DAAD/DFG/ACFNY reception. The show will remain on display, and you will be able to explore the images and the related audio (on sound cloud) throughout the conference. On Saturday at 2pm, Kristin Dickinson will offer a gallery talk and Q&A in Room 334.