Program Committee 2020

2020 Program Committee

Forty-Fourth Annual Conference, October 1-4, Washington, D.C. 

Program Director

Joanne Miyang Cho, William Paterson University

Pre-1800, all fields

Daniel Riches, University of Alabama

19th Century, all fields

Vance Byrd, Grinnell College

20th/21st-century History

Andrew Donson, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Eli Rubin, Western Michigan University

20th/21st-century Germanistik

Jonathan Wipplinger, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Lynn Wolff, Michigan State University

Contemporary Politics, Economics, and Society

Eric Langenbacher, Georgetown University

Carol Hager, Bryn Mawr College


Ela Gezen, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Julia Roos, Indiana University

Single Papers (all fields)

Ilka Rasch, Furman University

May Mergenthaler, The Ohio State University

Kevin Amidon, Fort Hays State University


Chair: Joe Perry, Georgia State University

Elizabeth Drummond, Loyola Marymount University

Richard Langston, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill