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At its most recent meeting during the 2017 GSA conference in Atlanta, the GSA Board unanimously passed a motion to divide the current Secretary-Treasurer position and create two positions. This decision followed a recommendation made by a Transition Task Force chaired by Vice-President Johannes von Moltke, in anticipation of the retirement of Jerry Fetz at the end of 2019. In order to enact that motion, the Executive Council has now made, and the GSA Board has now approved, the necessary changes in the Bylaws and is now submitting them to the membership, we hope, for your approval.

One additional change discussed at the Board meeting in Atlanta was the creation of a student position on the Board. The Executive Council also discussed this possibility in December and unanimously passed a motion to support it. The revised Bylaws before you also reflect that decision.

While developing the wording for those Bylaws revisions, we also undertook some minor “cleaning up” of infelicitous wording, inconsistencies, and typos in the current document. In the attached Revised Bylaws 2018, you will see the major changes colored in:

  1. those changes pertaining to the creation of the separate Secretary and Treasurer positions, and
  2. the proposal for a Student Position on the Board.

We did not think it necessary to indicate minor language-related improvements.

Revised Bylaws: Click Here

Once the Board approves any major revisions to the Bylaws, they must then be put forward to the membership for a vote. Therefore, the GSA Board is now submitting the attached Revised Bylaws (2018) to you. Please take the time to read through them, especially the highlighted changes, and cast your vote. Thanks for participating in your GSA in this important way.

Because the changes involve electing a new Secretary and a Student Board member this year, to begin their terms on 1 January 2019, we need to ask you to vote on this revised version in a timely fashion. We will be sending out a poll to all current members with a deadline of 28 February 2018.



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